Besides doing a one-time project (which is already amazing) you might want to be more involved in helping others as a company. 


Becoming a partner of Adam Helpt means that we will find and discover ways to implement your corporate social responsibility sustainably within your company.


Becoming a partner is a custom-made process and we would love to talk further about how we can implement that within your company.


You can help us to make it possible to do our work. 

We can use your support in different ways:


- Financial Support

- Donating materials like paint and other materials that we can use during our projects. 

Do you think you can offer us something different which we can make use of to help other people? Please get in touch with us. 


Our dream is to get many companies involved in helping other people by doing volunteer projects!


Can you make our dream come true and use your network to promote Adam Helpt to a wider group of companies and groups? 


We have materials available to promote Adam Helpt and we would like to meet and inform you about all the ins and outs of Adam Helpt when you are interested in becoming an Adam Helpt Ambassador!  


Adam Helpt is a team of dedicated volunteers, interns and two paid employees organising and coordinating projects, keeping the network up to date!  


We are always in need of extra volunteers to help us grow as an organisation and promote the work we do! Currently we are looking for people to help us with PR and communication


Do you have time and skills you think we can use? We are just one email away. 



ADAM HELPT     |     NIEUWE HERENGRACHT 18, 1018 DP AMSTERDAM     |     020-2440272     |     INFO@ADAMHELPT.NL